Hi my name is Amber Bibby.

Wife to Scottie B and mum to 2 boys, Sage and Shiloh, residing in the land of the long white cloud, Auckland NZ.

I am a makeup addict, glitter feen, dream chasing, tequilla loving, music hunting, girl power encouraging, goddess influencing, eclectic queen!

I LOVE to collage, am a novice photographer… collector of crystals and art (if you were to ask my husband and friends all sorts of other crap too).  I love fresh flowers and have a house full of plants.

I am obsessed with my family and friends and am lucky enough to be surrounded by some incredibly talented, authentic, awesome peeps that are chasing their dreams, setting goals and not looking back.  Encouraging and inspiring me to do the same!

I want to create a supportive network, that inspires and builds each other up through sharing stories, pictures and insights.

Hope we can connect x