Saying Goodbye to Little Ghost

It has been a crazy journey, one of success, panic attacks, sleepless nights, juggling acts, exhaustion and pride.  Running a business (albeit a small one), household and being a mum to two small boys has taught me soo much about myself… the last few years have landed me right here… in the most perfect of places.

There is no sad ending, no hard feelings in closing the Little Ghost Boutique, but a deep sense of gratitude and excitement to apply what I have learned from this crazy beautiful experience.

If you believe that everything happens for a reason, and I do… then there is soo much to be celebrated.  I can find it really challenging to except change and be open to new opportunities, but the more I trust myself and the process of opening doors I find everything starts to fall in to place.

I definitely encourage and support my local girl gang and am very passionate about raising each other up!  I am super pumped to share my journey in meeting and working with some of the most incredibly talented and inspiring dudes and babes.  So stay posted for intimate interviews, peeks into some incredible studios and rummages through art, fashion, beauty all the while keeping a mindset that this is a never ending shapeshifting journey that lends its self to magic.  x


SHOUT OUTS to all my amazing family, friends and collaborators  who supported me and helped to create Little Ghost Boutique!  LOVE YOU GUYS! x

x We are all rulers of our own Kingdom x

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